Lenten Evening Prayer

Lenten Evening Prayer




Wednesdays in Lent (beginning March 13)

7:00-8:00 PM

Holden Evening Prayer & Bible Study (in the sanctuary)



Each Wednesday in Lent, (following Ash Wednesday), we’ll gather in the parlor for a simple soup supper (6 PM) followed by a service of Holden Evening Prayer in the sanctuary (7 PM). In the midst of that service, we have a brief time of teaching.

The focus this year will be on evangelism. For many, this is a scary word which conjures up images of preaching on street corners or going door-to-door selling something people don’t want to buy. Even when we recast evangelism as “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread” (Luther), we still struggle with how to do this in ways that don’t feel contrived.

That said, I would guess that most Christians (even most Lutheran Christians!) want to share their faith with other people—it’s simply that they feel ill-equipped to talk about Jesus with those who don’t already know Him. That’s why over the course of five talks, I’ll be sharing some ways to think differently about the “e” word. Sharing the good news with our neighbors is something you can do and I want to help you feel confident about doing just that! So make plans to come to these five talks. While you’re at it, invite a fellow brother or sister in Christ to come with you.