Ministries & Fellowships

St. Luke’s has many groups that form around common interests, purposes, or goals. Within these groups people find encouragment and support, as well as places to put faith into action.
Some groups have been around for many years. Others are brand new. All ministries are always looking for more people who are interested sharing life and faith.
Furthermore, all groups seek to get more involved in worshipping , serving, learning, and witnessing. This is how we grow in faith together.

Faith in Action
Each ministry, group, or fellowship will seek to live by faith through daily:
Contact the church office if you are interested in joining a group, or beginning a new fellowship.

Some Current Fellowships
Youth Groups
Altar Guild
Books-Over-Lunch Bunch
Churches United Pantry
Choir & PraiseTeam
Our Daily Bread
Sunday Education Hour
Seeds of Faith
Care Ministry
Family Night at the Movies