Anything for Certain Movie

Morton Leroy Rollins is in a pickle. He has just awakened in a hospital, with no idea how he got there, or even why he is there. His roommate, Gabriel Chaffee, a man of few words, seems not to be interested in speaking to Mort. Eventually, these two begin a dialogue, with no real answers coming to Mort’s queries. Soon, the hospital neurosurgeon, Doctor Conner arrives. He explains that an ambulance had brought in a semi-comatose Morton the previous Friday. He advises Mort that the staff believe he has some sort of brain flow blockage, more than likely, an aneurysm. An aneurysm they fear is about to burst. They want mort to have tests to determine for sure.

Mort is not a patient man, not really even a polite man. He insists he must leave the hospital immediately to resume working his electrical service scheduling. Both Dr. Conner and nurse Teri Rudzinski are fearful that, if Rollins leaves, he could be dead within the week.

Perry - still photo from the movie

The plot revolves around Morton, an atheist, being visited by four “messengers”, all of whom seem determined to bring him back to God. Beginning with Gabe, and Mort’s sister Myra, they try to steer him back to his roots in faith. In the end mark cannot argue with the messages he has been sent. The happy result of the film finds Mort accepting his faith, and those he loves.